The Samurai front cover

“The novels in the trilogy are nuanced works, focusing on the personal lives of the characters, where the back and forth between East and West is both what brings characters together and what sets them apart. The novels are a richly nuanced explorations of the human condition. They bring together the inner life of the male protagonists to the need to understand the inner life of their female lovers; the past with the present of Japan and other Asian countries; and individual cultural crossings to unexpected commercial transactions.” –Entropy Magazine

On a San Francisco street, Ricardo and Elena see an Asian man wearing a trench coat with a raised collar. The man reminds Ricardo of the French actor Alain Delon in the classic noir The Samurai, and Elena of a Japanese man who could be her father, who abandoned her and her mother when she was just a girl.

The Samurai is the third novel of the Roppongi Crossings trilogy, which portrays the lives of rootless expatriates in Japan who are ceaselessly searching for themselves and others. Each book stands on its own, and can be read in any order.

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